Wolf Ketter: New energy empowers

Video content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYuUJNgChlY

It has become instinctive to flick a switch to have light. Energy used to be a commodity we could take for granted, knowing it would always be there, reliable and secure. However, over the past decade this trustworthy image has turned 180 degrees, after a 9 magnitude quake and subsequent tsunami sent three of the Fukushima nuclear power plant's reactors into melt-down, shocking the world. As a result, many countries decided to review their nuclear energy policies, and our view of energy would never be the same again. RSM's Wolf Ketter explains why our new vision of energy actually empowers us to find ways to generate our own.

“For the first time in decades new businesses have a great role to play in the new energy landscape.”

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