RSM Discovery Magazine 32: out now!

RSM Discovery Magazine 32 (PDF) is out now, with an in-depth coverage of these topics:

  • Making diversity policies work
  • CEO extraversion and M&A behaviour
  • How to regulate international banks
  • Streamlining deliveries through crowdsourcing
  • Can neuroforecasting predict market behaviour?
  • Do apologies and favours make for happy consumers?

Here's what editor-in-chief professor Henk Volberda has to say about this latest feature:

Diversity – at the heart of business success

In his article on p05, RSM’s Dr Meir Shemla states categorically that: ‘Managing diversity in organi- zations is one of the de ning issues of our time.’ Considering the signi cance of this, it’s discon- certing to read in The Global Gender Gap Report 2017, published recently by the World Economic Forum, that in terms of gender equality, the Netherlands has dropped from 16th place in 2016 to 32nd in 2017.

More worryingly, the report states that globally, gender parity is shifting into reverse for the rst time since the WEF began measuring it. Further, that it will be around 220 years before gender equality is achieved. With diversity being at the heart of organizational success, these gures should serve as a wake-up call to every executive charged with leadership responsibilities.

Diversity, aligned to gender, age, culture, education, experience and more, provides leaders with the wide-ranging insights and viewpoints they need to successfully tackle the many challenges they face, and to become the pioneers who reshape landscapes with inspiring new business mod- els and disruptive innovations.

As a leading business school, with scholars who are themselves pioneers in many areas of man- agement science, RSM understands the critical importance of diversity, and nowhere more so than in the realms of new knowledge and new value creation.

Indeed, the entire purpose of RSM Discovery magazine is to serve as a platform for sharing re- search drawn from across a diverse range of management disciplines that offers real, practical value for forward-thinking executives who understand the importance, or rather the necessity, of being one step ahead.

In line with this thinking, other articles in this issue explore the fascinating subjects of: CEO behaviour and whether it in uences M&A activities in rms; how and why international banks should be regulated; using crowdsourcing as an innovative approach to deliveries; predicting group behaviour through neuroforecasting, and how insights into the psychology of gift buying and receiving can bene t marketers.

I am sure you will find them all to be of great interest and welcome any comments you might have.


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