RSM Discovery Live - 22 September 2016

Digitisation is underway. Company decisions are increasingly based on big data and employees can use technology to work anytime, anywhere. And at the same time, insights gathered from neurobiological research are changing how businesses assess and manage employees’ capabilities.

You’re invited to explore with us how this affects employees and employers, at RSM Discovery Live: the future of work. Our new series of three events will feature:

  • top researchers from RSM to provide the academic fuel for debate with evidence from research and case studies
  • executive speakers to engage RSM academics, giving insights into their company’s strategic responses
  • a networking reception to conclude.

The first session of RSM Discovery Live will take place in the afternoon of 22 September 2016 in Hal 4, Rotterdam. The theme: what does digitisation of the workplace mean for corporate strategic decision makers?

Prof. Henk Volberda will kick off the session by outlining the macro-economic effects of what World Economic Forum has dubbed the fourth revolution.

Faculty members Prof. Vareska van de Vrande and Prof. Frank Hartmann will present case studies into the implications of the fourth revolution: will neurobiological insights change how we recruit people? How do companies stay innovative with a flexible workforce? We are looking forward to hearing how you would these answers for your company.

See who else is attending and get your tickets (€ 75,-) here

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