Crisis-related research series

All our crisis-related business research in one place, from articles to opinion pieces and webinars. This list will be continually updated. You can also subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter on the left to stay informed. 

Professor's opinion: Black Role Models Matter
Professor's opinion: Convenient untruths - the organized self-delusion of going green
Professor’s opinion: Better decision-making in times of crises: is reflexivity the answer?
Professor’s opinion: Will the corona crisis result in a better-organised world economy?
Professor’s opinion: Effective and responsible procurement in times of crisis
How do the Top 250 scale-ups cope with the corona crisis? Read the report here
How should liquidity be brought to firms during the Covid-19 crisis?
Prof. Justin Jansen talks about helping scale-ups on Dr. Kelder en Co [IN DUTCH}
Our biodiversity loss is off the radar at the moment – how can businesses help getting things right?
Tips: Loneliness and working from home during the COVID-19 crisis
Tips: Marking the boundaries between home and work
Webinar series: Leadership in times of global crisis
Professor’s Opinion: True business leaders don’t mind getting their hands dirty at times
TEDx Talk: Life Crafting through Personal Goal Setting
VPRO Tegenlicht Meetup: Corona Crash, featuring Prof. Mathijs van Dijk [IN DUTCH]
Professor's opinion: The Netherlands should stimulate European support via emergency fund rather than Eurobonds
Professor's opinion: Let’s count our blessings first
Professor’s opinion: Applaud the ethics of companies, but don’t cheer too soon
Professor’s opinion: Why have stock markets suddenly crashed?
Video: How high-performing companies design their digital workplaces
Video: During times of crisis, a leader's language should not reflect fear
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